Product Reviews


"The L'EQUIP Nutrimill is by far the most quiet and trouble-free electric grain mill I've ever used --and I've used a lot. And how can you beat a lifetime warranty?"
"We love our Nutrimill!! With 4 small children, it was imperative that we get a mill that can be shut off partway through milling, and it works great! It's so nice to be able to accomplish other things while the Nutrimill does its jobs, instead of having to stand there and turn the crank. Julie"
"100 Days of Real Food Blogger Lisa takes on the Nutrimill. Click here to read her experience."
"I have had my Nutrimill for close to 8 years and absolutely love it. In addition to the mill working wonderfully the customer service at LeQuip is great! The rubber seal on my lid had broken and my call was answered by a human and not an impersonal answering machine. Within just a few minutes of discussion the service rep had a new lid on it."
"I have had a NutriMill for about 5 years and we are very happy with it. The flour is consistent and very easy to work with. I use it in many different foods and make 100% whole wheat bread. It is so good to make good healthy food for my family!!"
"This is my new favorite toy. You put any grain in it, and it turns it into flour. Put dried garbanzo beans in the top, and it spits out garbanzo bean flour. I’m baking all kinds of breads with it; my latest was a beautiful jalapeno and cheddar bread.
Curtis Stone"
"I like it. Have only used it once but loved the quality of the flour the machine produced. Much better quality than my vita mix"
"Buy this grain mill not only because of its great performance, but for the customer service! We've had both the whisper mill and the nutrimill. The nutrimill wins hands down! Their customer service is incredible."