L’EQUIP RPM Smart Blend


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Quick Overview

  • Heavy Duty Blender Design
  • Gorgeous LCD Touch Screen Interface
  • Unbreakable Tritan Container
  • 6-Leaf Precision Cutting Blades Create an Efficient Vortex Blend
  • ¬†Powerful High Speed Blender with 1400 Watt Motor Capable of 30,000 RPMs
  • Maintains Constant Speed Under Load
  • Quietest High Powered Blender with Advanced Sound Dampening Technology
  • Blender Tamper Included
  • 8 Year Warranty
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A new, powerful motor drives this beautiful blender. Surprisingly low in noise, it uses sound dampening technology to make it the quietest high powered blender. Features 5 pre-set programs and a built-in timer. It has 12 speeds, an adjustable timer, and a pulse feature. All controlled with gentle touch control. Magnetic jar sensors and a parental lock provide a safe operating experience for you and your family. Make Hot Soups, Fresh Flour, Nut Butters, Juice & Smoothies, Frozen Desserts and more. The 5 pre-set programs are for: Smoothie, Hot Drinks, Sauce, Ice Cream, & Juice. The powerful motor makes this the best smoothie blender, shake blender, fruit blender, almond butter blender, peanut butter blender, or ice blender. Whole fruit, cubes of ice, and cups of nuts are pulverized in a matter of seconds. While this is a very powerful blender, sound dampening technology makes this the quietest high powered blender. The LCD touch panel gives you absolute control over your blender. You can easily set the time and power required for whatever you are blending. Do you blend similar things frequently? if there isn’t a preset, you can program your own presets to make blending even more time efficient. You don’t need to stand and stare at your blender anymore!


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